Lauren Hawkins provided leadership development consulting for us, facilitating an assessment process for one of our leaders, as well as working with us to create an individual development plan for the leader. Lauren’s professionalism, advice, and responsiveness were all outstanding. She went beyond the parameters of the assignment, investing additional time, to ensure that our needs were met. I would highly recommend Lauren’s services.

Patrick Drescich,
Director of Human Resources
Stillwater Medical Group
October 30,2017

    I had the pleasure of working with Lauren for almost two years at DataPath, and saw first-hand the incredible work ethic and breadth of experience that she brought to her team and the company.  As the top HR executive for DataPath, Lauren played a key role in helping the company re-emerge as a standalone entity, leading fundamental work efforts such as creating an Employee Handbook from scratch, while overseeing a huge global recruiting effort in a greatly compressed timeframe to support the company’s largest field service contract.  Not only did she serve her team as a highly effective player-coach, she did so with enthusiasm and passion that inspired all of DataPath’s employees.   In short, Lauren is an enormous asset to any organization smart (and lucky) enough to avail itself of her efforts.
    Michael Barnes,
    Vice President of Product Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain, DataPath, Inc.
    February 26, 2017


“Lauren served as the VP of Human Resources for DataPath, during a critical rebuilding period for the company. DataPath spun-out from its previous position as a division of a public company to become a free standing independent privately owned company in 2014. Lauren led the development of a complete Human resources function, almost from from scratch, including creating job and salary bands, employee policies, benefits programs, recruiting programs and more. Lauren was more than just a strong tactical HR leader. She has a great sense of trends and shifts in the company culture and employee morale. Lauren would frequently predict potential “hot spots” and help the senior leadership team to address them before they became an issue. Lauren also served as a trusted counselor, advisor, and confidant to me as the company’s President & CEO, often in matters well beyond the normal purview of Human Resources. As an added bonus, Lauren brings a positive energy and enthusiasm to any team to which she is a part.”

David Myers
President & CEO at DataPath, Inc.
February 7, 2017

“Lauren is a highly talented, knowledgeable and well respected Human Resources professional. I have had the pleasure of partnering with for many years. She is innovative, insightful and hard working. Lauren has the whole package: a high level of integrity, business savvy, solid work ethic and a great sense of humor.”

Elizabeth Gill
Owner & President of Express Employment Professionals

Lauren has the rare gift of being able to balance the technical expertise required of her position with her true understanding of the “human” in HR. She is an effective advocate for her employees and her company while walking the critical line that protects both her company and her employees. Even though Lauren has moved on from companies to greater professional opportunities, she has left behind her mark of excellence, dedication, collaboration, motivation and inspiration.

Debbie Eckart
Executive Vice President Construction Industry

Lauren quickly grasped operational priorities and identified key barriers to achieving best performance. One of the initiatives she undertook demonstrated her ability to develop and deliver curriculum. This initiative was a training program she designed to mitigate union difficulties on our jobsites. She created and presented materials in a number of seminars to Superintendents and Field Management located throughout the U.S. Participants were among the least likely to participate in or enjoy corporate training, but Lauren received high marks from participants for explaining complex material and answering technical questions in a manner participants could understand and subsequently apply. The materials had the desired impact because union difficulties were almost completely eliminated.

Michael Sessions, SVP Construction Industry